Is My Data Really Lost?

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Understanding Data Recovery

You may be surprised to find out that there is no such thing as “data deletion”. Just because you’ve deleted something from your PC does not mean that your data is gone. What really happens is that the memory space for that data becomes rewritable. Which means that any new data can be rewritten over the data that you’ve deleted. New, there are two conclusions that we can draw from here:

If you’re hoping for data recovery, then don’t do anything else on your PC until your data is recovered. Any sort of activity can overwrite your data, and that means that you’ll be losing your files forever. Keep in mind that running a data-recovery program can also lead to data loss. The proper way to recover data is to remove your HDD from your PC and hook it to another computer from which you can run a data-recovery software.

If you want to recover all your data, then hire a specialist. There are thousands of data-recovery applications out there. Unfortunately, most of them guarantee only a 60% recovery, or don’t guarantee any recovery at all. So, if you’re dealing with sensible data, then you should definitely hire a professional.

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